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What Is Quantum Healing?

Quantum Healing is a transformative experience for the mind, body, and spirit. Through the Powers of Yoga, Empathetic Touch TM, and Holistic Modalities, we help awaken the inner realm, remove the negative imprints on the soul that have been caused by trauma, uncover the dis-ease, and bring forth all of you, your magnificent soul power. We create a safe sanctuary so that you discover how to stand tall in your own right and into the deeper quantum level of yourself. 

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Healing Rose Art by Carol Cavalaris

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Life is full of experiences. Unfortunately some are dark, painful and can easily become buried within us. These Past Traumatic Stories are imprinted into our bodies, mind and spirit and may fester like and untreated infection, leading to illness and creating blocks inside of us.

Yoga is a sacred science and has profound healing properties to massively transform your mind, body, and spirit into advanced stages of higher consciousness and awareness. We will combine postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama), and meditation to help deepen, awaken, and heal on a quantum level. 

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“Holistic health” is an approach to life where the whole person is valued. Rather than focusing on specific parts of a person’s body, holistic health considers the person’s body, thoughts, emotions, spirit and interaction with others and with the environment. The aim of holistic health is to support maximum well-being with the resources available.


"Tess is a gifted asana and energy body teacher and my only regret is that she teaches regularly at a studio that is too far a commute for regular attendance. Donna Thank you for your light and love today, you are a precious treasure in this world. Your Quantum Healing retreat was an outstanding day. It's almost like I have new eyes. Still sorting out the many powerful teachings in my mind and heart, living in the moment with roses to ground me. SO very grateful for this opportunity and hope to learn from both of you again!”

- Linda Larsen, RN-BC, RYT 


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"Just spent the day with some of the most amazing, loving humans on earth. Thank you @tessconradyoga for guiding and facilitating such an incredible day of healing for so many. If you are in the NorCal area…and needing to shed some pain, old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve you, contact Tess and she’ll let you know when the next Quantum Healing experience is. We talked about energy, the demonic, the angelic, boundaries with energy vampires that sometimes suck the life out of you. Moving pain through breath work and body movement. Learning how to use your voice and speak your truth. Learning how to travel lightly through this life and not take on other people’s stuff. And when we have the choice before us - when we are ticked off and want to take the easy way out and contribute to the negativity and chaos in this world…to rise to love instead. So so much goodness and wisdom.”


-Sheena Souza