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With Donna Arz, Ph.D


Empathetic Touch TM is designed to go within and help with the Discovery Process. Discovery is working with what's happening to a person, not what's wrong with a person. 

Empathetic Touch TM allows blocks to be removed returning the natural flow and rhythm back into the individual's system so they can reconnect within themselves and in turn have better relationships with family, friends etc. This powerful and effective healing tool complements appropriate medical approaches. It's not intended to replace importation, regular medical care.

Empathetic Touch TM offers nutrition for the body, mind and spirit. It feeds those places within us that have been starved, in particular our emotions and spirit. The practitioners become advocates for the individual's healing process, creating a sense of Great Hope.

Empathetic Touch TM brings back wholeness to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies - the essential building blocks for authentic quality of life.

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