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Tess Conrad’s yoga practice began in her teens. She has been a dedicated

student to the path of yoga for decades.

In June of 1997, Tess was in a tragic car accident. She had gone through the

passenger side window and suffered significant head trauma. Two weeks later

she was released from ICU having no memory of what had happened. According

to doctors, the trauma she experienced was so severe and catastrophic that her

brain had to “shut out” what she had seen so that she could live and function

normally. To this day, Tess has no memory of what happened that night when they

hit a tree going 70 mph. After a long road to recovery, PTSD, TBI, eye and arm

surgery, she took this as a second chance to live - to passionately, fiercely, and boldly

live. She paid her way through college, traveled the world, and graduated with a BA

in music business in Northern California. In 2010, she took a 600 hour Ana Forrest Yoga

Teacher Training, over 1,800 hours of other yoga trainings, and in July of 2018 she found

Donna Arz, PhD and the story is writing itself. She attended Donna’s six month Empathetic Touch™

training course and there they built a powerful partnership. Tess & Donna have co-founded The Quantum Healing Experience to help others experiencing less than ideal circumstances, trauma, PTSD, and so much more. With their vast and incredible knowledge in the healthcare and yoga industry, together they are carving a pathway from trauma to triumph, fear to freedom, hurt to healing, and  so much more. 


Yoga is a study. A study of the self. Yoga means Love. Thanks to yoga, breath, community, and her family, everyday she finds more and more of her amazing self. What she learns, she shares and teaches. She is passionate, dedicated, driven, strong, and inspired about life and all that is still to learn and unlearn. Tess is a grateful yogi who teaches from a place of love, light, presence, intention, heart, mind body, connection, and pure passion. Join her for a wild ride on your mat!

Tess's Credentials

  • Ana Forrest Yoga Teacher Training, Houston, TX 

  • Bernie Clark Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Vancouver, BC

  • Colleen Millen, Advanced Teacher Training, Berkeley, CA

  • East Wind Yoga Teacher Training, Auburn / Roseville, CA

  • Ana Forrest Advanced Teacher Training, Denver, CO

  • Janet Stone, Assisting Training, San Francisco, CA 

  • Donna Arz, Empathetic Touch™ Training, Auburn, CA

  • Yoga International, Kundalini Training, Online

  • Eight Limbs of Yoga, Niyamas with Janet Stone, Online

  • Yoga Alliance Certificate Registered Yoga School

  • Yoga Alliance Certificate Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga Alliance Certificate Continuing Education Provider